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Saturday 7 December 2019


    Escape, from what.....the Village? Why should I want to be doing a thing like that then? Didn’t you know that there’s a beastie out there, lurking to ensnare the unsuspecting escapee? It’s a terrible creature that can divide itself and vary its size, oh it’s a terrible thing alright. It comes at you, and you can’t fight it off because it offers no resistance. And yet once it begins to smother you with its white membrane, there is no escape. It’s a terrible experience right enough, one I have not myself experienced, but then I’m not daft enough to try and escape in the first place. That Number 6 tried, several times. I remember when he made himself a cage, it was designed to protect him against the hellish Guardian. And it did, up to a point, until he had to divest himself of said cage, then he was vulnerable, open to attack. So when in the Village do as the Villagers do, keep your head down, your nose clean, and they’ll look after you................for as long as you live. That’s one of the benefits the Village affords its Villagers, a very good welfare system!

Be seeing you

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