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Friday 27 December 2019

Harmony Posters

   This is a representation of the framed poster for ‘Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Pioneer Exhibition’… “The Great Train Hold-Up & Bandit Hunters of the Union Pacific,” which hangs in the Silver Dollar Saloon in ‘Living In Harmony.’
    The original watercolour for this poster dates to circa 1907. “This image was used on posters and billboards for the Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pioneer Exhibition show which opened in Madison Square Gardens in 1907 and toured for two years. "Nothing could be more in the character of the Wild West of dime novel and melodrama than the scene thus described in the program: 'The Great Train Hold-Up & Bandit Hunters of the Union Pacific will be a scene representing a train hold-up in the Western wilds. The bandits stop the train, uncouple the engine from the coaches, rob the express car and blow open the safe....”

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