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Saturday 7 December 2019


   Before his or her arrival how much has No.2 been briefed about the village, on the subject of its main function for example, about its administration, on its prize prisoner No.6? After all No.2 is the Chief Administrator, the Chairman of the village, who is responsible for the day to day running of the installation. No.2 would be expected to “hit the ground running” the day he/she arrived, and be expected to simply learn on the job, after all they may only be there a week, not even that in some cases. It would be rather like a conveyer belt, meant one No.2’s term in office either came to a natural end or through failure someone somewhere would have to instantly have another No.2 briefed and standing by to be sent to the village. Or someone is promoted from within the village administration, which would make far better sense as they would already be completely au fait with the inner workings of the village. That would certainly save greatly on travel back and forth. Of course we have no idea how long any particular No.2 has been in the village. All we know is restricted to what we see, and can glean from each of the episodes. But we know that at least two No.2’s leave the village, and witness one of them actually leaving by helicopter. Whilst the second wasn’t at all happy about having been brought back a second time! But each No.2, whilst overseeing the day to day administration of the village, also has No.6 to contend with. I sometimes wonder if No.2 in ‘The General’ has the most difficult job of any of them. He has to administer the day to day running of the village, and at the same time overseeing the educational experiment of Speed learn, whilst fending off No.6 who involves himself at every turn!

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