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Saturday 21 December 2019


    “Anonymity is the best disguise.” We know the identity of the Prisoner, he’s No.6. But what about all the other citizens in the village, who is anyone there and does it really matter that we do not know? Take the Professor and Madam Professor they do not have names seeing as they are addressed by their titles, that’s because they do not even have numbers. They haven’t even been issued with village attire. But what would be the point, as they are never permitted to go out of their house and into the village! Then there’s No.2 who is he or she, where do they come from to find themselves in the village, where do they go after their term in office? Some it seems find themselves co-opted onto the town council, and no doubt they are all Civil Servants of one kind or another who have been forced to work for the village in secret. Just ask the Colonel and Fotheringay. We do however know where at least one No.2 originates from, because he goes back there in ‘Fall Out,’ to the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster, London!
    Some citizens do have names, but names are only used where there is a relationship, but can we count No.6 and Cobb, and No.2 as Cobb? Then there’s No.6 and Nadia, No.6 and Fotheringay, No.6 and Alison, as well as No.6 and Roland Walter Dutton, perhaps No.6 knew Dutton better than Cobb, to use his full name. And then there’s Monique and her father, although she calls him father, at no time does she use his name although he uses his daughter’s which is nothing out of the ordinary.
    So this is all very well not knowing anything much at all about No.6, that’s nothing out of the ordinary, as we know nothing much at all about anyone in the village. But it’s always No.6 we bother ourselves with, and not a gardener, electrician, waiter, or an official from administration like No.12. Perhaps that’s because No.6 is the most interesting character. After all ‘the Prisoner’ series is all about him!

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