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Tuesday 24 December 2019

Insoluble For Both Man And Machine!

  The thing about ‘the Prisoner’ is, that after almost 53 years there are many unanswered questions throughout the series, questions which are never likely to be answered.
    Non-alcoholic drinks I can understand, but Gin, Whisky Vodka looking the same and tasting the same, something’s been lost over the years. Last time I had a non-alcoholic drink it was a beer, and it tasted terrible!
    No.6 demanding a drink, an alcoholic drink I can understand, after all the village is likely to turn anyone to drink in time!
    But what I don’t understand is, what is that woman doing carrying that incense burner about with her? Is it purely incense that is burning, and why does the woman have to carry it about like that? Perhaps it’s something else burning in that large pot, something drug related!
   Also, why is it we do not see the Cat and Mouse nightclub sign when No.2 and No.6 are leaving 6 Private on the morning of the election, when it’s there the previous evening? It’s as though the Cat and Mouse was simply contrived for one the one evening, as we never see it again, not even the sign!

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