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Thursday 19 December 2019

Life In The Village!

    “222 what’s the weather like?”
    “The weather is fine and dry, the recent spell of fine weather will continue for at least another month.”
    “222 play library track Awkward Squad.”
    Music fills the cottage.
    “222 what is a triquetrum?”
    “The triquetrum derived from the Latin tri "three" and quetrum "cornered" was the medieval name for an ancient astronomical instrument first described by Ptolemy who called it a parallactic instrument and seems to have used it to determine the zenith distance and parallax of the Moon.”
    “222 what’s on for today?”
    “You have a chess match with the General at the Old People’s Home this morning after your daily walk around the village.”
    “222 I am running short of bacon.”
    “I will remind the refrigerator to order some bacon from the general store. I have been talking to the toaster, it has reported a breakdown

to Electric’s Control.”
    “222 does that mean I can’t use the toaster this morning?”
    “222 so I can use the toaster!”
    “No it has developed a fault.”
    “222 how is the cooker this morning?”
    “It’s fine, and ready to boil your eggs.”
    “222 why isn’t the coffee ready?”
    “That’s because you haven’t switched the percolator on yet!.....what are you doing? can’t put me in there, no not in the refidgera……..”
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