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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Prismatic Reflection

    The reason given for the reason as to why so many different No.2's, is because the Prisoner is unable to form a relationship with his interrogator. Well that's true to some extent, but No.6 does form a rapport with No.2 in The Chimes of Big Ben, Once Upon A Time, and Fall Out. And perhaps the same can be said of No.2 of A B & C, and The General. But one thing No.6 does, is treat them all the same way. So we take a look at each No.2 in turn.
    Arrival - No.2, the first man to debrief the Prisoner, is also a one man welcoming committee turned tour guide. His purpose is no more than that. Perhaps he's arrived at the end of his term of Office! The new No.2, shows the Prisoner that escape is not possible, and puts the Prisoner firmly in his place by officially recognising his number, Number Six. A win for No.2.
    The Chimes of Big Ben - After going through with a complicated escape plan, No.6 finally discovers that the Colonels office is a mock office, that he has not escaped at all, but is back in the village. The Prisoner has been hoodwinked by a pretty face. But No.6 may not have given away the reason for his resignation, but some how it is a hollow victory, and you can sense the disappointment felt by a somewhat subdued No.6 as he returns to his cottage.
    A B & C - A victory for No.6, who has destroyed No.2 by the end of the episode.
    Free For All - No.6 takes on No.2 during the local elections. Apparently No.6 is elected as the new No.2 with a unanimous majority. However when ensconced in his new office, No.6 is then confronted by the even newer no.2. She's is different to her stateman like predecessor. This No.2 is hard faced, severe, and warns No.6 that they have many ways and means, but do not wish to damage him permanently. The Prisoner has not been broken, just left battered and bruised!
    The Schizoid Man - A victory for No.6, although he failed in his attempt to escape, he does hang onto his identity. A victory for No.2, as he sees through No.6's guise as Curtis, and stops No.6 from escaping, but also with the loss of his agent, Curtis, means that this episode is a draw for both sides.
    The General - Two men dead, a destroyed computer, and defeat for No.2!
    Many Happy Returns - No.6 escapes the village. He makes it all the way home to his house in Westminster, London. Discovers the location of the village, to where he is unceremoniously returned to face a new No.2. No.6 has been taught a lesson. And the village has been in control all along, in giving No.6 a taste of freedom, and then taking it away!
    Dance of the Dead -No.6 encounters an almost elfin No.2, well suited to the character of Peter Pan. No.6 is put on trial, and sentenced to death. The Prisoner might think that he has scored a victory against No.2 by ripping out the paper and wiring of the teletype machine. But No.2's laugh is hardly one of a defeated lady, as the teletype suddenly whirrs into life...................
    Checkmate - This No.2 is more of an administrator figure. Happy to let those like the doctor-No.22 to get on with whatever experiment she desires, but only up to a point. No lukeotomy is to be performed on No.6, he's far too important! No.6 takes a new tack, and perhaps realising that he cannot escape on his own, selects a number of 'reliable' men to help him. Although the escape attempt is thwarted, it by a simple mistake. No.6 defeats himself this time, by not getting the Rook to trust him implicitly!
    Hammer Into Anvil - A battle of wits between No.2 and No.6. No.2 threatens to 'hammer' No.6. But by the end of the episode, it is No.2 who has been 'hammered,' and left a completely devastated and broken man. A weak link in the chain of command, waiting to be broken!
    It's Your Funeral - On the one hand we have a new No.2 who is left with egg on his face, as he is forced to witness the escape of the retiring No.2 on Appreciation Day. On the face of it, it would appear to be a victory for No.6. But then, as the helicopter is in the air, travelling away from the village, does it not then suddenly turn back towards the village?
    A Change of Mind - By now the viewer should realise that nothing really nasty, like a lukotomey operation is going to happen to No.6, that was suggested previously in Checkmate, and was rejected because No.6 is far too important. But nevertheless we go along with the plot, and by the end of which, No.6 has defeated No.2 by having 86 denounce No.2 as being unmutual!
    Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling - This is a complete and utter disaster for No.2. One man dead, the Colonel, and Seltzman escapes in his guise, while No.6's mind regains it's body. The only victor of this episode is Professor Jacob Seltzman, who is now free to continue his work!
    Living In Harmony - Again another utter disaster for No.2. A murder, a suicide, and two more personnel dead. Defeat for No.2 yes, but not via any straight confrontation with No.6. But through his own emotions, and those of his assistants.
    The Girl Who Was Death - A win for No.6. although any No.2 who thought No.6 would drop his guard with children deserves to lose!
    Once Upon A Time - A one to one situation between No.2 and No.6, locked in a battle of wits, and that of the Embryo Room! It has to be either one of them, and it just so happens to be No.6. But there is a bitter taste to this victory. I believe as No.2 was beginning to like No.6, the same could be said of No.6 in the way he smashed that glass on the floor.
    Fall Out - No battle here. Only violent and bloody revolution, as No.6 and No.2 become allies in the struggle against the system!
    There are many different facets in the many confrontations between No.6 and No.2 which need to be taken into account. But in the count of win lose or draw, I make it the 9 wins for the Prisoner, 6 wins for No.2, and 1 draw.
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