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Monday, 21 February 2011

Professor Jacob Seltzman

 This is he, who carries out experiments, not in splitting the atom. Not in trying to cure the common cold, but in separating the mind from the body, and inplanting it in another subject. In other words 'Mind Transferance.'
   This is the guise in which we first encounter the Professor, but is it the original face of Professor Seltzman? I only ask because at the end of the episode of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, we learn that Seltzman had progressed further in his experiemnts than anyone had imagined. He did, simultaniously, swop three minds at the same time. So that it might have looked as though it was Professor Seltzman lying there on an operating table, but it was the mind of the Colonel that spoke Tell Number One I did my duty. Which can only mean that the person who left the village aboard the helicopter was Seltzman, but in the guise of the Colonel, as seen below.
 There is something of a mystery about Professor Jacob Seltzman.Although we do know that he was born in Kandersfeld in Austria, that he is an Austrian Jew, and is a Profesor experimenting in Mind Transferance, we know very little. For example, where was it that Seltzman first began his experiments? From where did he acquire his subjects to use in his experiments? Possibly in the Nazi concentration camps of WWII perhaps. After all No.2 did give Seltzman the Nazi salute Heil!
   But certainly there is value in Seltzmans work, I think the Prisoner-No.6 knew that much. A form of immortality it might be, when you could take the mind of one person, someone whose mind is in a disabled body, or someone of great importance to the word, and put it in a healthy body of someone who has died, or dying, so that person might live on. And as long as the subjects mind is an active one, you could carry that on, several times.
   This is the last face of Professor Jacob Seltzman. We know that because it was in this guise that Seltzman escaped the village. I wonder what Professor Jacob Seltzman looks like today?
   Yes, I know this is only fiction. But sometimes I like to let my imagination loose on some aspects of the Prisoner, it's more interesting that way. Be seeing you

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