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Sunday, 20 February 2011


After watching the entire sections of The Making Of THEPRISONER, I was disappointed that there had been no mention whatsoever was made of that most iconic visualisation of the Prisoner, the village guardian, and this I find surprising. All I can say of the guardian, is that for the 2009 production it has been upgraded from a mere metreological weather balloon, to computer graphic imaging. I was hoping to hear the ideas of what lay behind 'Rover' this time, to hear how the production people decided to stick with the original village guardian, and not go with anything else.                                                                                                      
In the past, it has been suggested that 'Rover' is symbolic, symbolic of our own fears. That when we see 'Rover' we see what we are most afraid of, conjoured up from our own subconscious. And that appears to be the way with 'Rover' in the 2009 prodcution of THEPRISONER. Rover conjoured up by Six, it is Six's own fear which holds him prisoner, stops him from escaping the village, conjured up mentally by Six, when he thinks he is going to lose someone, like 16 in the Sea, who was supposed to have been his brother. And 4-15, the woman whom he had fallen in love with, and was due to marry, Rover blocked 4-15's way in the mountains that time. So this time around, Rover is not simply the village guardian, in fact the only time Rover is seen in the village, is when Six has conjoured it up, and that was only once during the final episode. You don't actually see Rover patrolling in the village as in the original series. Rover has not been reinvented, simply reinterpreted, and in the past anyones interpretation of Rover could be the right one.                                    
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