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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

What's Leo And Pat Looking At?

    In a recent post of the same title as this one, there was the question of who the guy in the suit was, trying to look like the Prisoner? It was stated in a comment I received, that there is no mystery about the identity of this man, and that he's Alexis Kanner. Well here is another photogrpah, taken at the same time, and it's perfectly clear to me that this man, standing there, rubbing his hands together, is not Alexis Kanner.
I forgot to say in the previous post, that this man doesn't have ginger curly hair, where as Alexis Kanner Does. This same man can also be seeing in production shots of Fall Out, in the cavern beneath the village, as pictured below. Admittedly the picture is on the dark side,but nevertheless, there stands this is unknown figure, dressed as the Prisoner, with McGoohan and Kanner in the same photograph.
Here is an enlargement of a section of the above picture.
Although this man must be a stand-in, or stunt double for Patrick McGoohan, during the production of the Prisoner episode Fall Out, I have never been able to identify who he is. Nor do I know of any other fan of the series who can put a name to this man of mystery!
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  1. I certainly agree the third man is not Alexis, but nor does he appear to be the guy outside Parliament to my eyes. Check out this page: for an apparently uncurly Alexis. I suppose they used brylcreem in those days.... :-D

    However, that first guy does part his hair on the opposite side to Alexis, but then if Alexis was acting as stand-in for McGoohan, he'd have to part his own hair to match the star of the show I suppose, altough you'd think that to be used he'd have be so far from the that it's difficult to see this would be noticed anyway.

    Intriguing anyhow. I assume the third man is at the throne so that the cameras can correct their fields of foucus, whilst McGoohan was busy directing the scene, and then McG would return to the exact spot the other guy occupied. Puzzling why they would need to *dress* these stand-ins like McGoohan though - perhaps that was about lighting the figure properly - the man in black and all.

  2. Hello Moor Larkin,
    Amongst some of my tasks this afternoon, one was to carry out some research on this man of mystery. Using a call sheet from 'Fall Out', I was finally able to discovered the man's name is Geoff Morrow, a stand-in for Patrick McGoohan. I did try and find some information about what happened to him, but there are several Geoff Morrows about, one being a song writer, and I don't think that's the man!

  3. Many are Called but only one can be chosen....... ;-)

    There is one who turns up as an Assistant Director in Australia a decade later; maybe this is him.

  4. Hello Moor Larkin,
    Well I guess he's as good as anyone. It's been so long since the production of 'Fall Out,' that it would be extremely difficult to tell even if we had a photogrpah to go by. Only documented material about 'this' Geoff Morrow on imbd could identify if it's the right man or not.

    Be seeing you

  5. Oh yes, I'd forgotten you'd solved this one.... :-)))

    I've nothing much to add other than that there just happens to be a picture of the music guy on ebay at the moment:$T2eC16RHJGwE9n)yTU2pBP8MI02nDg~~60_12.JPG

    That shot is in 1977. Could be anyone, I agree... :-)