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Monday, 28 February 2011

I Know Too Much About You!

     I know too much about you! Are the words of No.6 bellowed at No.2 during their deliberations in Once Upon A Time. So just how does No.6 know so much about this particular No.2? Well towards the end of Fall out, the viewer sees No.2 returning to the Houses of Parliament, trhough the Peers entrance, wearing a business suit, Bowler hat, carrying a furled umbrella and briefcase. And it just so happens that the Prisoners house is in Buckingham Place, in the City of Westminster, London. When the Prisoner is on his way to hand in his letter of resignation, he parks his car in an underground car park in Abingdon Street, a mere stones throw from the Houses of Parliament. So I suppose, that it is always possible, that although No.6 and No.2 had never met before, that intelligence of No.2 could have reached the Prisoner during his former work. I mean a man like No.2, who once had the ears of Statesmen, Kings and Princes of many lands. Able to sway Governments, to define policies and nip revolutions in the bud, at a word from him in the right place, and at a propitious time, is a man to be noticed, a man with power, to be reckoned with.

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