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Sunday, 20 February 2011

It's Inexplicable!

   To think that No.6 was only just being introduced to Speedlearn, when the educational experiment must have been running for quite some weeks, perhaps months! Because at the beginning of The General, No.6 was sat at a table at the Cafe, and when the students were requested to return to their homes, as the Professor is due to start his lecture in 30 minutes, according to the announcement over the public address system. But No.6 didn't seem to know what was going on, in fact when he was about to order another coffee, he told the waiter that he was not one of the Professors students. And when the waiter said "You're never to old to learn" No.6 asked who had told him that "The Professor?" No replied the waiter "The General." Who's the General? " So it appears that No.6 didn't even know who the General is!
    My point being, nothing happens over night. Although it appears to do so in the village. No, there has to be a point when something begins, and that might appear to be the next day, as with Speedlearn in The General. But Speedlearn appears to have been on-going for quite some time, because when requested to return to their cottages ready for the Professors next lecture, all the citizens go home, and the waiter is eager to close the Cafe. Yet No.6, who is also a citizen of the village, appears not to know what's going on! Where has No.6 been?

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