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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Prismatic Reflection

   The other day I received a letter in the post, yes, one of those old fashioned letters which people say is 'snail-mail.' Well I still like to write and send letters to friends, as well as to receive them. But I digress, because it's part of the content of the letter that matters in this case, because my friend asked me if I'd noticed that in the Prisoner episode The Schizoid Man, how when the helicopter, with No.6 aboard takes off outside the Recreation Hall, has skids and no bouancy floats? And below is a picture of the said helicopter taken during The Schizoid Man.
My friend went on to write, "but then when in the air, and the helicopter flies a circuit over the village, the helicopter has the addition of bouyancy floats!" And here is a picture of that helicopter.                                  
It was well observed. And when I replied to my friends letter, I congratulated him upon his observation. But what he had failed to observe, is that these are two different helicopters! And that when the helicopter lands back outside the Recreation Hall, it has reverted back to being the one in the top picture. The bottom picture is merely from stockfootage of the original village helicopter, filmed at Portmeirion. While the helicopter seen taking off outside the village Recreation Hall, was filmed on a back lot at MGM film studios at                    Borehamwood.                                                                                                                                         
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