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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


    There is one thing for sure about this reinterpretation, that Two is a dark, dangerous, and twisted character Not only that, but unlike the original series, two has all the best lines! At first he cuts a menacing figure, who keeps his wife heavily sedated, and that in itself looks evil, until you understand the reason why.
    The thing about THEPRISONER is, that the people who are brought to the village, are actually living two existances at one and the same time. The one in the village, and in that 'other place' which 'dreamers' in the village dream about. But they are not just dreaming, they are remembering their 'other life.' When I first watched THEPRISONER, I thought when you see Michael in New York, Six was merely having a mental flashback. But I was wrong, it was Six still living his other life as Michael in New York, at the same time as being in the village. The only question is, how was it done?
    It was good to see that the white membranic village guardian had been retained for this series. Well what else could they have used? It made sense to keep the village guardian from the original series, albeit in the more grown up form of CGI, rather than being a simple meteorological weather balloon. The scene in the episode Darling, when the village guardian, {I refrain from using the name 'Rover,' because it was only used twice in the whole of the original series, and is no proof that 'Rover' is the actual name of the village guardian} rises out of the sea, and takes 16 into deep below the waves, which is how Micahel/Six lost his brother when they were boys.
    I have to remind myself, that THEPRISONER is basically a psychological series, that it is all to do with the mind, and the mind's subconscious. And I can only suggest that those people brought to the village are in a hypnotised state of mind, and if 'dreamers' in the village can recall that 'other place' of existance, then are they mentally aware of the village, having flashbacks of the village, as they go about their lives in New York for example?
    To conclude this piece of blog - THEPRISONER and it's premier, was as a journey. And whilst taking that journey, one collected the clues as you went along. The first clue being in the first few seconds of Arrival, clues which when gathered, would reveal the reasoning behind THEPRISONER. The only thing was, and still is, that even life-long fans of the original series, who hold the Prisoner in very high regard, were not up to the journey this time round. Yet having said that, there are pockets of fans of the original series of the Prisoner, who like myself and my wife, can appreciate this reinterpretation, the reinvention that is  THEPRISONER.
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