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Monday, 23 May 2011


     I know that bloke, don't I? Certainly there is something familiar about him, I saw the similarity almost at once. That's 1955, a school teacher talking to Six during THEPRIS6NER episode Anvil, played by Warrick Grier. So with whom does 1955 share a similarity?
    Well to begin with there's John Kieron, a character adopted by John Drake in the Danger Man episode Don't Nail Him Yet. Drake who adopted the pesonna of John Kieron, a school teacher, so that he could get close to the man Rawson, who is a Civil Servant suspected of being a traitor, handing over Naval secrets to a Russian agent who runs a Book Shop. Perhaps you can see the similarity between the two characters.
   And here is another one for you, Robert Fuller. John Drake impersonates Fuller in the Danger Man episode Colony Three, who goes behind the Iron Curtain to serve in a 'school for spies.' Again perhaps you can see the similarity between Fuller and 1955. Of course it is Drake who takes on the personnas of John Kieron and Robert Fuller, and it's Patrick McGoohan who plays the role of John Drake. So it might follow that there is a slight similarity between actor Warrick Grier and Patrick McGoohan. I wonder if the similarity between the two roles played by Patrick McGoohan, and the similarity of 1955 in THEPRISONER is on purpose, or merely a coincidence?         BCNU

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