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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Thought For The Day

    I know that the Supervisor No.28 turned out also to be a member of the delegates in Free For All, but so too did No.93 a former Unmutual in the episode A Change Of Mind, and before that he was a Guardian in The General, but then his number was 256. So is it a demotion for the former 256 to the number 93 because of his fall from grace as an Unmutual, or promotion? I can never make up my mind. I suppose seeing as how No.1 is the boss, being made up from No.256 to 93 must surely be a promotion upwards. In any case, it would seem that confession is good not only for the soul, but for getting-on in the Village, seeing as how 93 went on to become a member of the Assembly!  BCNU

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  1. There should have been a post here from Anthony Rooney. why it has not appeared I HAve no idea, but here is the comment copied and pasted.

    "Or another case of The Village cloning its inmates. In which case who is the original and who the 'economy pack'?"

    Cloned? Perhaps like the electrician and the garderner in 'Arrival,' the photographer No.113b and the chap operating Tally Ho dispenser {No.113C perhaps}in 'Free For All. Number 6 and Number 1, not Forgetting Number 6 and Number 12-Curtis! It's certainly an idea, and an opinion greatly shared amongst fans of 'the Prisoner.'