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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

the Magnum Record Shop

  The Prisoner episode The Girl Who Was Death, sees Mister X being given the instruction of going to the Magnum Record Shop, the chief will speak to him there.
    At the Magnum Record Shop, Mister X gives the shop assistant a signal with his tie, and is handed a record. Mister X then goes to a booth, where he places the record on a turntable, and we hear the voice of the chief giving Mister X his briefing, and instruction of how to act next.
    This might seem a bit comical, especially when Mister X makes the comment 'Thank you very much' to which the voice on the record replies 'What was that?' 'Nothing' Mister X replies. Yet getting instructions from a record is nothing knew. Dan Briggs, of the first season of Mission Impossible on occasion, would go to a record store, and gain instructions for his next mission via a voice on a record.   Be seeing you

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