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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It's A Question Of Why John Drake Resigned

    Why did John Drake resign? Perhaps he became disillusioned with the kind of work he was doing. Travelling the world, putting his life in danger behind both the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. Then at times, having to clear up the mess created by others. Being used for the purpose and gain of others, like General Carteret in The Black Book. John Drake is a very moral thinking man, and didn't always like the things he was asked, or forced to do. But as Drake once said Someone has to do it. Someones got to do it.....
    Not only that, but the scripts were getting a bit on the thin side, the story lines repetative. Patrick McGoohan was no longer happy acting the role of John Drake, so he resigned. It is as the new No.2 in Arrival put it, Subject shows great enthusiasm for his work. Well that's as maybe, but not towards the end he didn't. All you have to do is look at the opening sequence of Koroshi to see that.      I'm obliged.


  1. McGoohan's 'resignation' from Danger Man is a little mythical.

    By the early months of 1966, the circumstances surrounding the Danger Man project had reached a critical point. Ralph Smart had ended his association with the show and the decision by CBS not to buy any more shows for 1966 left few options for Danger Man.

    "The continuation of our series is really very dependent on the American market," said McGoohan, "We sold CBS 22 episodes and would like to sell the network 22 more." McGoohan was ready to jump, but the show was being pushed aside anyhow.

  2. Hello Moor Larkin,
    I found your comment on 'Danger man' an interesting one. My wife understood it that they were going to make a colour season of 'Danger Man.' I know they made 'Koroshi' and 'Shinda Shima,' but it was sometime before they screened those, during a break in transmisison of 'the Prisoner' as I remember. Transmission of 'the Prisoner' had caught up with the production of the series. I have wonderd if we might not have seen those colour episodes of 'Danger man' if it were not been for that two week break in the televiison transmission of the series.
    Best Regards
    I'm obliged.