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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Kids' Stuff

     As a child of 12 years of age, I viewed the Prisoner as an adventure. Yet there were still questions, who was No.6? Why did he resign? Why was he brought to the Village? What is Rover? Why does No.1 look like No.6? Any slight hints about the Prisoner's life were seized with great relish, along with any hints No.6 might give as to the reason behind his resignation. Looking back it was very childish of me to expect that everything would be explained in the final episode of Fall Out. But I recall how disappointed I was not to have learned any of the answers to the questions I had. Basically I felt cheated, as did many of my peers at that time in 1968.
    So over the years, as I have grown up, I have learned that one has to come to one's own conclusion about the Prisoner. The only trouble with that is, as a growns up we make the Prisoner series so terribly complicated for ourselves. Whilst children have the ability to simplify the Prisoner, coming to undertsand as only a child can. While adults only complicate the matter! Thinking about it, had Patrick McGoohan put answers to the questions, explained in detail what the Prisoner is, what would have been the point in that? He wanted to get people to think for themselves, to arrive at their own conclusions, which is easy to say with hind sight, but back in 1968, when the Prisoner had come and gone, it was a different state of affairs.
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