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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

School Days

    Those are the days, the days that are gone. the faces forgotten, the memories linger on......Southminster.

  No.6 "How are you Master?"
   No.14 "I see you still wear you're old school blazer."
    "And you?"
    "From habit. Tell me do you still box?"
    "I can still mix it when push comes to shove."
    "You made an axcellent school Bully. People sent their sons to the old school to be bullied by you."
    "Happy days."
    "I still remember the look on the first formers faces as you relieved them of their tuck money!"
    "Snivelling little tics!"
    "And here you are bullying the production crew."
    "You were going into the priesthood I recall."
    "It was a position to which I was not suited."
    "It was not a calling?"
    "Look, I can't stand here all day gabbing with the likes of you!"
    "There's no need to be offensive!"
    "Look, you're getting well paid."
    "No I'm not!"
    "You are getting the regular rate for what you are doing."
"Well if you're dissatified..........."
"Oh shut up and just say the lines.....amd get it right this time. Time is money, and I'm getting fed up with wasting both on too many people round here!"
"Don't be like that Pat. Be kind and considerate to people, and they will recipricate."
"You mean they creep up behind you and bite you in the arse!"
"Well if you put it like that."
"I do. Do it to them before they do it to you!"
"Still School Bully eh Pat?"
"Look, I'm the boss, and don't you forget it!"
"Okay Pat. Shall we sing the old school song?"
"Stuff the old school song!"
{Patrick suddenly dashes off to bully someone else}
"Oi, you get that lighting set up right, otherwise I'll have to do it myself, like I have to do everything around here!"
{Voice from the crowd} "Pat will be blowing up those weather balloons soon!"
{Another voice} "Well he's got enough hot air for it!"

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