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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Midnight To Six

A Literary Encounter With No.1!

     In Fall Out, No.6 comes face to face with No.1, his other self, alter ego, or doppelganger. But this was hardly an original idea, because literature is littered with such encounters in which a character meets with himself. For example the ghost story Midnight Express by Alfred Noyes, was this the inspiration of Patrick McGoohan to have No.6 meet with No.1, his other self in Fall Out? We shall never know, but in all probability, it wasn't. yet it is the connection with the meeting of No.6 and No.1 which was the inspiration behind the the following article, written for Number Six magazine in 1999.

    I'll be seeing you, preferably standing beneath a lamp, and in the lamplight on a dark and gloomy night.

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