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Sunday, 29 May 2011

You Know When You've Become A Prisoner..........

................................. When the bars slam shut, and the prison door is locked against you! Either that or you simply cannot leave McG's Prisoner alone. The Prisoner lives with me each and everyday, and not a day goes by when I do not think or write something about either series....just as I am doing now. The phrase A prisoner of the Prisoner was once a much used phrase, which certainly applies to me. I am no longer in control, and have not been so for quiute a large number of years. The Prisoner dictates to me, but perhaps only because I allow it to. Perhaps I am a weak and feeble man, so immersed in a 44 going on 45 year old television series. But do you know, well no you cannot possibly know. Although it is just over a month since I last watched the 2009 series of THEPRISONER, and it is that series which I already crave to watch again so soon after!    BCNU.

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