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Monday, 23 May 2011

Colonel Hawke-Englishe

  Colonel Hawke-English, who was murdered at the wicket, by an exploding cricket ball, just one run short of his century.
   The identity of the actor who played the brief role of Colonel Hawke-Englishe in the Prisoner episode The Girl Who Was Death, has been in question for some little time. Certainly the actor goes uncredited for his role in the episode end credits. My wife said that she had seen the actor before, in an episode of Randell & Hopkirk but couldn't remember which episode!
   I tried tracking the actor down on the Internet, hoping to find a photograph to work from, or amongst actor directories, without success. However, today I can now tell you that the actor who played the role of Colonel Hawke-Englishe is George McGrath.
    I would like to take the credit for this discovery, but it was my wife who found the actors name, credited for his role in the Girl Who Was Death, in a book by Andrew Pixley, which was published in-line with the Prisoner 40th anniversary DVD box set. So the credit must go to Andrew Pixley. However, I shall keep trying to find another picture of George McGrath, if only for my own satisfaction, to prove beyond any shadow of doubt.   Be seeing you


  1. As Sherlock would say, "Look in the obvious places first" ... :-D))

    This guy was pinpointed elsewhere as having been in an episode of Danger Man, playing a soldier, but he was uncredited. This one might be he, perhaps:

  2. Hello Moor Larkin,
    Thank you for the link. I had looked at the IMDB before. But at the time I was trying to find a photograph of the actor to help confirm that Col Hawke-Englishe was played by George McGrath. But I'm pretty certain that the George McGrath noted on the IMDB is he who played Col Hawke-English, because I know that George McGrath was in an episode of 'Journey Into The Unknown,' although I have no image to confirm that, merely a credit.

    Bets Regards