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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Ebb Tide Of The Dance Of The Dead

Here he is, No.6 casting adrift the dead body he found washed up on the beach. The wallet in his pocket, amended slightly with a picture of the Prisoner, together with a map, and letter giving intructions to whomsoever may find it......... But really it's no wonder that the dead body of the former No.34, whom I believe the dead man to be, found it's way into a long box of the Village mortuary in the Town Hall. Because when No.6 set the body adrift, tied to a lifebelt, the tide was actually coming in, he should have waited for the ebb tide, so that the body would be carried out to sea. All that would happen is the body would wash up on the shore for a second time! But then the chances are that the body, if carried out to sea, might very well have been picked up by the crew of M.S. Polotska, seen in the next episode Checkmate.  Be seeing you.

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