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Saturday, 14 May 2011

It Never fails To Amuse................

    How fans of the Prisoner see things in the series in many different ways, I mean take this of The Chimes of Big Ben for example. A writer writes, Is there an airfield on the 'Island' which houses the Village? In The Chimes of Big Ben, No.6's transport to London must have been well planned to get him in a complete circle back to the Village, and where did the plane carrying the packing case touch down?
   Well of course the Village is not on an Island, although this was suggested it might be by the Group Captain in Many Happy Returns. As for the packing crate in which No.6 and Nadia were sealed, that was taken from the cave, back to the Village by boat, and no cargo plane was involved! As for the filmed journey to London, which we see take place by road, sea and air, never actually took place!

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