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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Mrs Butterworth................

............In your dreams!

    Well in the Prisoner's dream anyway. In A B & C No.2 and No.14 get into and manipulate No.6's dream, his subconscious, in order to discover the reason why the Prisoner resigned. This all takes place in No.6's subconscious over a period of three nights. But by the third night No.6 is onto what is happening, and manipulates his own dream, and in that dream did he put Mrs. Butterworth-the new No.2 of Many Happy Returns? One might say no, unless you believe that one genrally dreams about people we know, or have met. In any case the woman, Mrs Butterworth or not hands the Prisoner one of her earings and tells him "Number Six, I just know it's your lucky number." One might see this an an in joke on the part of the woman, who may or many not be Mrs Butterworth. Yet do not forget, this is No.6's dream, and in your dreams you put the words in other peoples mouths!
   So if this woman is Mrs Butterworth, and there has been some debate over this question over the years, would all depend on whether A B & C was originally due to follow Many Happy Returns in the original screening order, which is something I do not appear to have at hand for the moment. If so, then that might be right, that the woman might be Mrs Butterworth, and No.6 put her in his dream having met her previously.  Be seeing you.

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