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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Playing Second Fiddle

    Stricktly speaking it is not clear if No.12 in The General is a direct aide to No.2 or not. Certainly No.12 spends time with No.2, and carries out his instructions as far as Speedlearn is concerned. What is certain is that No.12 holds a position in Administration, and is a self-confessed cog in the machine. No.12 also holds a position on the Educational Board, and has strong opinions about the Professor who he sees as being a crank, and should be treated as such. And cannot help but think the Professor is also a troublemaker, who attracts other trouble makers! More than that, No.12 can see the flaw in Speedlearn. When asking No.6 a question he said what not when!
   No.12 is also a trouble maker, who sees No.6 as a possible ally. His first approach to No.6 is ambigous enough, and an attempt to stimulate his interest in both the General and Speedlearn. Ultimately No.12 will become a traitor to the Village, which No.2 begins to pick up on towards the end of the episode.
    The Professor sees Speedlearn as being an abomination, that the General must be destroyed. Well No.12 is keen to see the wish of the Profesor carried out. But he  is not the man to do it, perhaps he lacks the courage, or is too close working in Administration. But an act of sabotage is not beneath No.12's capabilities, which he blames No.6 for. Hence getting No.6 to call at No.12's office in Adminitration in order to give No.6 a disguise as a Top Hat Official. Also being in Administration gave No.12 access to and the opportunity to go through the files on Village citizens, and reading No.6's file found him to be the man he wanted.
    But for all No.12's acts of conspiracy, sabotage, treason. A man who holds strong person opinions against the Professor, he still finds the courage to try and save the Professors life when he is being electrocuted to death by the General. Or is it a selfish act of suicide on the part of No.12? After all, No.2 was onto No.12, seeing him as a possible traitor. You will recall how No.2 was going to get the General to answer the question of a traitor in the Village, by answering three very impotant points, a traitor in the Village - security pass discs were issued to Number Six - Access to these are through where........? Administration repiled No.12, No.2 ordered that to be put down as well, also that No.12 is an official of looked to be all up for No.12. So perhaps No.12 wasn't trying to save the Professors life at all, but was taking, what is laughingly called, the easy way out!  Be seeing you.

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