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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Shattered Visage

  A graphic novel based on the Prisoner, published in 1990, previously published in four volumes A B C & D IN 1988.
   If you study the front cover, you see the aged faces of No.2 and No.6, together with the face of a young girl. Take away the face of No.2-Leo McKern, and you are left with an old man-No.6, a young girl, along with a desert, and the Ocean, as in the 2009 seres of THEPRISONER. Inspiration comes from many places, or at least it seems to, even if scriptwriter Bill Gallagaher was not inspired by Shattered Visage.
   I always thought it a pity that Six never came across a half buried canopied Penny Farthing as on the front cover of this book!  Be seeing you

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