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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Thought For The Day

    By night, No.6 is taken from his cottage of '6 Private,' and ensconced in the cottage of '12 Private.' There he undergoes a long period of conditioning treatment. While this is happening, Curtis the former No.12, is now making himself at home in '6 Private,' and goes about the Village impersonating No.6. Now it is quite plausable that No.6 might go about in a new blazer, that of cream with black piping while his other blazer, dark with off-white pipng is at the dry cleaners. But what is less plausable that No.6 would suddenly begin to wear his numbered badge! If Curtis is undertaking the character and personna of No.6, then he shouldn't be wearing that No.6 badge - surely. Even No.2 didn't pick up on this mistake!
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