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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Thought For The Day

    Where did they find Curtis? You know, the chap who went about the Village impersonating No.6 during that episode of The Schizoid Man. I know that Curtis and No.2 were once friends and colleagues, and perhaps secconded to the Village as a team, but that doesn't answer anything, but even so, to find a perfect look-a-like for No.6 must have been quite remarkable.
   Another point regarding The Schizoid Man. If Curtis was made to look like No.6, I mean having his hair coloured, and styled in the manner of No.6's. Then when No.6 is given a make-over  to look like No.12, we are given the opportunity of how Curtis would have looked on the day of his arrival in the Village. Having black hair, and a moustache. I'll be seeing you.

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