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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Just a Minute!

    In 'Dance of the Dead' No.6 is put on trial for the possession of a radio. Radios are not permitted in the Village, or at the very least it's not permitted to listen. In 'Checkmate' No.6 broke an aerial off one of the taxis for use with the radio transmitter in order to transmit a distress call. But if radios are not permitted in the Village, why are the Taxis fitted with aerials, so do they have a radio........for local taxi broadcasts...CBS for example? But I'm sure if they were No.6 would have stolen one. After all no-one noticed that one of the surveillance cameras had been stolen!

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  1. The Mokes are destined for the use by the Village staff - only. Why shouldn't they have car radios or intercom transmitters? In fact, No. 6 stole this one or at least it was an attempt. Probably he realised that driving a Moke on the beach wouldnt get him too far (no aquatic features). And perhaps the others were properly locked away from (most) of the Villagers. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,

      No reason at all, in fact having an aerial is suggestive that they do, only so far I've yet to see a Village Taxi that does. Certainly there is no radio in the above taxi!

      In this first escape attempt by the Prisoner, he's so mesmerized by the Village Guardian, that he fails to swerve the vehicle out of it's path!

      Very kind regards