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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Escape And Escapability

    Cobb - whose suicidal death was faked in Arrival, as indeed was his funeral but a sad affair for No.9 nonetheless for that. So Cobb, who was alive and well, was allowed to leave the village "Mustn’t keep my new masters waiting" Cobb tells the new No.2. Cobb promises to give them No.2's compliments, and will tell them that there are no loopholes.
    Hang on a minute! Hasn't Cobb just exploited one loophole? Soon he'll be back in London, to work for his new masters. But this also opens up the possibility of Cobb being able to simply disappear once he is back in the old country!
   No loopholes, I think Cobb found such a loophole and exploited it so as to escape the Village! Even if Cobb did go working for his new masters, he had in fact escaped the Village!

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  1. Another teaser for you all: coming soon in the new Prisoner production, why Cobb.