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Thursday 31 October 2013

A Terrible Ordeal by our own reporter

 An expose on the dark side of the Village which is hidden by it’s almost holiday camp like atmosphere. However when it comes to ‘A Change of Mind,’ there is no hiding the matter, it’s darker side as it’s there for all the citizens to see. Citizens who are posted as being Unmutual, who do not then go on to progress through the Social Group meetings, or confess their shortcomings, are then put through the ordeal known as Instant Social Conversion - the dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobes, in short, a Leucotomy! You will recall that such a suggestion of this operation was put to No.2 at the time of ‘Checkmate’ by the Doctor-No.22. Only at the time No.2 said that he was sure that they could help No.6 adjust without such drastic treatment.
   So now what’s changed? No.86, she is a doctor who was once posted as being Unmutual - how terrible that must have been for her. Well it probably was at the time, I mean look what happened to No.6. But of course we only have No.86’s word that she was actually posted Unmutual in the first place, but then perhaps the "Social Group" helped her. Now she is attached to the "Social Group" and a doctor to boot. A doctor who thinks nothing of carrying out such operations as Leucotomies, on unsuspecting souls such as No.46 pictured here.
  For No.46 there is no more hurry and scurry. His, is a world is of peace and tranquillity, and without aggression. For others, there lies the "Aversion Therapy" room, pictured here.
   As for No.6, well before finally being posted as being Unmtual by the Committee, he is given once last chance to gain help, via the "Social Group," a meeting which No.6 enjoys disrupting. It is then, after a number of other complaints that No.6 is posted as being Unmutual, and recommended to go through the ordeal of Instant Social Conversion -  to have a Leucotomy performed upon him in fact - the dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobes! Such operations were carried out heavily from the 1950’s onwards, and even into the 1970’s. However the Village medical staff seem to have improved on the medical way such Leucotomies were carried out.
  As No.6 is wheeled  into the operating theatre, not even given a theatre robe to wear during the operation!
  And it is No.86 herself who carries out these Leucotomies, pictured here in describing just how the operation will work, together with a demonstration of what effect the machine has on the patient at the "Focal Point."
   No more the brutal way of Leucotomy operations of the past, I shall spare the reader that much, as here in the Village the medical staff make Leucotomy operations seem almost pleasant and civilised in the way the operation is actually carried out. But no matter how you dress it up, a Leucotomy, is a Leucotomy in anyone’s language, even though in the end No.6 was spared this terrible ordeal.

Your own reporter.
Photographs by No.113b.

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