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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A Favourite Scene in The Prisoner

   "Attention ladies and gentlemen attention. This is an announcement from the General's department, will all students taking the three part history course return to their dwellings immediately. The Professor will be lecturing in approximately thirty minutes. I will repeat that. This is a special announcement from the General's department, repeat from the General. Would all students taking the three part history course return to their dwellings immediately"
    No.6 wants another cup of coffee, but the cafe is closing. The waiter asks his customer if he heard the announcement about the Professor. But he's not one of his students. No.6 pays for his coffee, two units, and the waiter tells No.6 that you're never too old to learn. It occurs to me that No.6 finds that rather sinister, because he asks the waiter "Who told you that, the Professor?" To which the waiter replies "No sir, the General." "The General?" replies No.6. It makes me wonder where No.6 has been, has he not heard of the General before now? This opening scene of 'The General,' is suggestive that the experiment of Speedlearn has been going for quite some time. Just how long is impossible to say.

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