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Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

In The Village Not Even The Dead Are Safe!
    Thus it has been written, because they see No.2 having actually died in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ then being brought back to life, resurrected from the dead in fact, during ‘Fall Out.’ But No.2 didn't die, for to use the actual word of command used by the President........ "Resuscitate!" Meaning to revive when apparently dead or unconscious.

It’s Inexplicable And Difficult To Comprehend!
    The way in which No.2, Colin Gordon of ‘A B and C,’ is less than a week to discover the reason behind the Prisoner-No.6's resignation, in fact he only has 3 days.... but if he had a "free hand" But if any harm comes to No.6........
    So why wasn't this particular No.2 not given a free hand? I mean No.2 sets up No.6 for a fall during ‘Free For All,’ and the new no.2 seems as though she could have unspeakable things done to No.6, and feel nothing towards him.
   No.2 in ‘The Schizoid Man’ is given free reign to break No.6, this to gain the reason why No.6 resigned. No.2 of ‘Dance of the Dead’ had No.6 put on trial - in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ No.2 was going to "Hammer" No.6, this in order to break him, and was not pulled up by No.1 in this desire. And finally in ‘Once Upon A Time’ it had to be either one of them, No.6 or No.2. which means they are willing to take the risk with No.6's life. Why have I not included both Checkmate and ‘A Change of Mind?’ Well there was the threat in both episodes of a leucotomy being carried out on No.6, to knock out the aggressive frontal lobes. But then that was all it was, a threat, which would never have been carried out, not on their prize prisoner.
   So the questions remains, why was No.2's hands tied, when a number of his successors would later be given a free hand in the case of the Prisoner-No.6. Perhaps at this point of ‘A B and C,’ No.1 didn't want to go so far as to lose No.6, understand, lose him!

A Change of Mind - A, that No.6 has his mind changed by the operation! {well not really, as No.6 never actually underwent that particular operation, he was merely sedated!}. B, that the good citizens of the village had their minds changed about No.2, by No.6!

 Peter Smith
    Smith in itself is a common enough name, John Smith might even be more common. But Peter Smith is the name that the Prisoner gave to Mrs. Butterworth, and should we doubt that that is his real name, or one given off the cuff so to speak at the time? Well the Prisoner would have to verify his name, and that would be done either by the name on the lease of the house, or the logbook of the car. But both bore the name of the new owner, which was lucky for the Prisoner - otherwise he just might have had to reveal his own name, and Pat McGoohan wouldn't have wanted that now, would he? Hence the name Peter Smith.
Sir - You Play A Fine game
   No.14-the chess champion was not referring to how No.6 played the game on the chessboard, but in the way he plays the game in the village. No.2 plays games with people in order to help hi get what he wants, No.2 being the first advocate for that in the way he assigned No.9 both to Cobb, and then No.6. But No.6 is also a master of playing with people, he knows how to manipulate them, just as he does as he chooses his reliable men in the episode of ‘Checkmate.’
   However we all use people, we all play games with people and each other, on and off the chessboard. We all play games with people, consciously or otherwise - don't we?

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  1. "Why was No.2's hands tied...?" - Answer 1: If they "damaged the tissue" by employing raw torture the subject may have died. Answer 2: By that time one must have known that there's only little value in forcibly, by torture, extracted answers. Answer 3: Suppose that PMcG knew early on who No. 1 was going to be there must have been somebody else but himself (being No. 1) "behind" the Village authorities who would keep a watchful eye on No. 6. But why was he so precious? What was it that he could have known, or done, that "they" didn't know or wouldn't be able to avert? Answer 4: For a popular TV series having the main character suffer or even die is (almost) nonsensical. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,

      Very well put. They could have simply given No.6 a truth drug, but I suppose with the use of that there might have been a danger of damaging the mind. But having said that, they used all manner of other types of drugs on No.6.
      A friend of mine once suggested that they could have got No.6 drunk, and that could have taken place either in the Cat and Mouse nightclub, or The Therapy Zone, and No.6 would have talked his head off without damaging the tissue. Sometimes I wonder that the reason why they wanted to know why the Prisoner had resigned, was to bring his file up to date!
      Physically it is impossible for No.6 to be No.1 in the early episodes of 'the Prisoner,' even No.6 cannot physically be in two places at the same time! So really I don't think it's No.1 on the other end of that red telephone, but someone else superior to No.2.
      No.6 is important to No.2 and the Administration, because he's seen to have a future with them, the Village to be handed over to him...... possibly.
      No.6 may not have died, but certainly he was made to suffer! It was very popular at that time to have the hero suffer, to be tortured and beaten up. McGill in 'Man In A Suitcase' was always getting beaten up. Harry Palmer in 'The Ipcress file' was mentally tortured in an attempt to condition his mind, as a couple of examples.

      Very kind regards