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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Teabreak Teaser

    We know who Number 1 is, but as the author David McDaniel once asked......who is Number Two?



  1. Who is No. 2? A valid question and easily missed because, obviously, there's one in each epsiode. However, almost each episode has a new one. It is the fact that No. 2s are interchangeable what makes them anonymous, without identity but most likely not without personality. At the same time the absence of traits of identity makes them become only 1 (one) level of No. 2, one entity, no matter how many of them there were actually. The gap, the difference between "our" No. 2 and that of Ian McKellen's impersonation in the P09 could not be bigger, I think. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,

      Very nicely put my dear fellow.Being "interchangable makes them anonymous" I like that idea. No.2 of 'Dance of the Dead' wouldn't even say whether she was English or not!
      There is a big gap between the various No.2's of the original series and that of Two {Ian McKellen} THEPRIS6NER-09, but at least in that case we know a little about Two.

      Very kind regards