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Thursday, 24 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

Another Number
    My wife Morag and I may not have been active in the 2001 Prisoner convention re-enactments, but neither were we idle. Because during the convention Australian singer and musician Carmel Morris was filming for her video for a song Another Number. Well of course Morag and I became involved with some of the filming in the crowd for one scene of the video, where we all had to have empty, blank staring faces for the camera. But as it happens I also played the role of, No.2 not No.6 for that was Carmel, I was No.2 with the line "Don't worry No.6, you'll be cured." In fact my voice was dubbed over by Australian actor David Nettheim, who played the role of one of the doctors, wearing spectacles, in the Prisoner episode The Schizoid Man.
   For one scene I was standing on the balcony of the Green Dome with No.6 below being surrounded by village citizens. The sun was directly in my eyes, but I couldn't blink, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw the figure of a person walking up the steps and was going to walk out on the balcony, wanting to get herself "on camera," as we were filming. I said very quietly and forcefully for her to go away as we were filming... and she did. This was the first and last time I played the role of No.2.

  Was an old woman in a wheelchair - she died a month ago. That is the information disclosed by No.2 to the Supervisor-No.28 during ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ Well if No.113 was an old woman in a wheelchair who died a month ago, did No.113 {who contributed to The Tally Ho in Free For All} share the same fate?
  I only ask, because in the graveyard of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ we actually see a headstone with the number 113 carved upon it. So if the former No.113 had died, what was on his head stone? Because if the No.113 was re-issued to this old woman who died a month ago, that means there would be two headstones with 113 carved on them in the graveyard! And going one further, if someone dies with a particular number and that number is not re-issued, what was No.113 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ doing with such a number? Unless of course No.113 of ‘Free For Al’l was promoted, or demoted to another number, or something!
   There's a proverb "When your in a hole stop digging!"

No Point Going Into Details
   No.2 “Anything you Need To Know, press a button. You're The Boss.
   No.6  "Number 1's the Boss!"
    So seeing as it turned out that No.6 is No.1, effectively the Boss. Did the out-going No.2 of Free For All know something at the time, that no-one else did?

The Supervisor-No.28
   It was once asked why we see No.28 in No.2's office during the episode of ‘A Change of Mind?’ Well we must assume that part of the Supervisor's duties does from time to time, take him out of the control room environment. Look at ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and ‘Fall Out.’ In the former this supervisor is promoted to No.2 on the job so to speak, and in the later we see him take up his seat amongst the delegates. A superior position to that of No.2, wouldn't you say?

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