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Monday 14 October 2013

What’s That McGoohan Up To Now?


 The above pictures taken at Portmeirion seems to me to be suggestive. It gives the impression that Patrick McGoohan is unable to pay the bill, this by the way he's about to jump from the Portmeirion hotel window!
   Actually the pictures are from the 25 minute ‘Danger Man’ episode ‘Under The Lake,’ part of which was filmed at Portmeirion. John Drake is jumping from the window so as to evade Von Golling and his associates who have just murdered General Von Klus. This is all in connection with the millions of counterfeit dollar bills and five pound notes in cases at the bottom of the lake. Counterfeit money produced by inmates at a German concentration camp, which during World War II was situated by the lake, and into which the counterfeit money was dumped as the end of the war approached, and which now was being retrieved by Von Golling and his men.
     ‘Under The Lake’ being based on real events.

I'm Obliged.

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