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Thursday 31 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

A B and C Surveillance
   As No.6 follows No.14, the doctor, from her cottage, through the village and woods to the secret laboratory somewhere in the woods - why isn't this picked up on surveillance camera, and reported by the observers? Or is it something inexplicable, and therefore something we, as the viewer, simply have to accept - I should think yes to that is the answer!

I Wonder Why....
    No.6 returned to the Professor's house at the end of ‘The General?’ I don't think it was to offer comfort to the grieving widow somehow. More probable that he was looking for anything that could be found, whatever that might be. Or in other words simply poking his nose in!

   I just wonder how long the retiring No.2 of ‘It's Your Funeral’ was on leave for? It must have been a good while, seeing as there was at least three interim No.2's that we see, and there could be any number besides! On the other hand, if the retiring No.2 was on say a fortnight's leave, then that doesn't say much for those interim No.2's who were holding the fort while No.2 was away! It is suggestive that the Village suffers from a greater turn-over of No.2’s that might be thought!

Is That An Order Number Six?
   At the hospital during The Chimes of Big Ben and after the interrogation session with No.8, No.6 told No.2 to "Let her go." No.2's reply was "Is that an order no.6?" So perhaps even at this time No.2 knows who No.1 is, and recognises him and No.6 as being one and the same.

The Diminutive Butler
   What business does he have in the Committee Chamber of the Town Hall? You would think that our friend the Butler would have duties enough caring for the needs of No.2. But no, he's often seen out and about in the village, one time he even finds time to follow a game of human chess, what's more as he makes his way to the top of the bandstand he even has a Top-Hat administrative official to carry his umbrella for him as they walk together down the street!
   Our diminutive friend officiates not only at the awards presentation of the Arts & Crafts Exhibition, but also at the ceremony of Appreciation day. Certainly the Butler knows more than he lets on, and is not simply on the periphery of Village activity. And several years back, the Butler was considered by many to be No.1.

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