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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Caught On Camera!

    The picture of a complete bastard!
   “Well done Fotheringay. You’d better get beck before any embarrassing questions are asked.” What did No.2 mean? Fotheringay didn’t do anything, except help “egg the pudding” so top speak, to help convince No.6 that he really was back in London, and to that extent help fool the people who were watching, the television viewer!
   Fotheringay who was on old friend and colleague of the Prisoner's, who gave the impression that he couldn't wait to see him, but who just as quickly stabbed his old friend in the back! What's more Fotheringay seemed to have no conscience about what he'd done to help the Colonel. All he wanted to know was what his next assignment would be. At least with No.2 you knew where you stood!


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