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Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

    Both thumbprints seen on the screen in No.2's office of ‘The Schizoid Man’ as both No.6's try to prove their identity, are identical! That cannot be, nor even for identical twins it cannot be. So has science here been perverted, or is Curtis wearing a thin latex thumbprint of No.6's?

    During his time at the hairdressers, No.6 has his hair style and colour changed by three very attractive female hairdressers. The question here is, was No.6's hair dyed back to its original colour, or was the black dye simply washed out of his hair?

   It’s Prisoneresque. In both the  series of Jekyll and that of Cape Wrath. Both of which are well worth the viewing of.
    Over the years there have been both films and television series which have enjoyed a prisoneresque moment or three, and the BBC series Jekyll is no different. Last Saturday nights episode contained flashbacks of the time when Mr. Hyde first put in an appearance. And it was discovered that Jekyll and Hyde's finger prints are different, in fact they were displayed on a screen together in much the same way as those fingerprints of No.'s 6 and 12 during the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man.’
   And then there's Cape Wrath, the opening episode has several Prisoneresque type moments. There's the woman who seems to be in charge, She is of a Supervisor style of character, she even has a large wall screen in her office!
   And what of the time Mrs. Brogan decides to go shopping with her daughter in the next town. I thought how the hell are they going to stop her from leaving Meadowlands, the membranic Village Guardian Rover was obviously out of the question. Then as mother and daughter drove off the words spoken by the Supervisor-No.28 came to mind "Attention post 14, No.6 heading for outer zone in Outer Zone, in our vehicle."
   And so it was with Cape Wrath, well not quite post 14, but certainly something very similar. Mother and daughter drove their car to a petrol station, and while the mother, Mrs. Brogan was paying for the petrol, a girl came up to speak with her daughter. She pretended to be a friend, which upset Mrs. Brogans daughter so much that she drove here back to Meadowlands. Mission accomplished, because later we see that very same girl leaving the office of the female Supervisor type character.

   A rather nasty piece of work is this No.2. The only No.2 ever to raise his fist in anger, as he completely "loses the plot" as they say. Why he had to turn on the Butler I cannot imagine. Because surely he must be aware of the Butler’s unquestioning loyalty, who I can imagine was actually glad to see the back of this particular No.2.
   So much for the Hammer! Well anyone could have told him that Hammers wear out faster than Anvils! And this No.2 is the kind of man, who if he had been an American, would have seen conspiracies and Communists everywhere during the 1950’s. And I think that is reflected in the piece written in The Tally Ho at the time of ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’
   So it would appear that No.2’s paranoia was alive and well long before No.6 used it as a tool against No.2 in the episode ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ And who knows, because all you have to do is take No.12 of Administration in ‘The General’ as an example. After all, No.12 did carry out an act of sabotage in No.6’s cottage, in placing a piece of wire across the contacts of the light bulb. By which No.12 caused the electrical fault, thus giving him some 30 seconds to explain his plan to No.6. In exchanging one of the Professors lectures for his message heard played on the Professors tape recorder.
   So, perhaps this No.2 had it correct. Pity he couldn’t even find it in himself to trust his assistant No.14.

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