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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Therapy Zone

    The Supervisor-No.28 has a watchful eye and his loyalty to the village has been proved to be absolute. Some, in the past, considered the likelihood of this Supervisor to be No.1. However this particular Supervisor only appeared in 9 of the seventeen episodes, and the position of Supervisor is taken up by 7 people in total.
    The Supervisor has the final word in the control room, and it is at a word from him "Orange Alert", that a segment of the white membranic mass of Village guardian is released from its containment area.
    He expresses surprise at the maids failure during the morning of the Prisoner's arrival in the village, not to have been able to extract certain information from the Prisoner. In fact the Supervisor felt sure it would work.
    Surely this Supervisor is the most memorable of all the Supervisors, and the only one to attain the position of a new No.2 as he did in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ promoted by No.2. "Its all yours, for one week" No.2 informs him.
    One of the Supervisors functions is to advise No.2, to oversee the security of the Village, that's two! He is seen rarely outside the control room, only during ‘A Change of Mind’ do we see the Supervisor-No.28 in No.2's office.
    His deviousness is apparent during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben, and it his voice we hear during the harsh interrogation of No.8-Nadia in the interrogation room at the hospital. Repeatedly asking No.8 what the reason of her swim was, and was she contemplating suicide?
    He seems to be on friendly terms with one No.2, No.2 of ‘A Change of Mind,’ when No.2 remarks "Now let us see how No.6 stands real loneliness." And later "Before we lose him, do you understand lose him" tapping his temple! At these remarks the Supervisor grins, seemingly to appreciate No.2's meanings, and possibly enjoying the thought of what might be facing No.6.
    In’ Hammer Into Anvil’ we see another of the Supervisors tasks, that of public announcer, as he announces that it is No.6's birthday and reads out a birthday greeting from No.113, and then music.
   But a fatal flaw in not knowing that it was not No.6's birthday that day, saw the Supervisor being relieved by No.2 from his position as Supervisor, wrongly accused of being a conspirator against No.2. Later he was reinstated to his former position.
    At the commencement of ‘It’s Your Funeral’ we witness that the Supervisor is capable of taking decisions upon himself. This by seeing to it that the door to No.6's cottage, 6 private' was left unlocked so as to allow access for No.51 the watchmakers daughter. This because No.,6 doesn't always answer the door when citizens come knocking! And judging by what we see of the Prisoner, this Supervisor-No.28 is the only one of his kind to speak to No.1 on the telephone!
    At the end of ‘Once upon A Time’ he asks the surviving No.6 what he desires, and takes No.6 to see No.1. Then once in the cavern in ‘Fall Out,’ he dons the white robe and black and white mask, then takes his seat amongst the delegates of the assembly under the title of "Identification." Such is this Supervisors high standing within its administration of the community.
    If there is a character who stands for fidelity in the Village it is he. There is no doubt whatsoever where this Supervisor's allegiance lies. He is very much part of the establishment. What his fate was during that mass evacuation of the village towards the end of ‘Fall Out’ we cannot say. He might have been killed in the rush to get away, he might have gained a place in one of the helicopters taking off around all points of the Village. Or there is one other option, that he did survive the evacuation, avoiding the blast from the rocket, and actually stayed in the village to maintain control whilst others were fleeing. Because whatever you might think, the Village was not destroyed by the blast of the rocket as it lifted off. The Village would still be there, and eventually people would return, as such an establishment as the Village could not be left unattended!

    Winners and losers!  ‘A B and C’ was a defeat for No.2, and of course a victory for No.6. Yet the outcome could have been so much different had the doctor had informed No.2 when No.6, lying on the table in that laboratory, opened his eyes and saw the doctor-No.14, with her image appearing on the wall screen. But she didn’t, perhaps in some way she felt sorry for No.6’s predicament. After all she was being forced to test her new "wonder drug" on the subject, instead of animals.
   As for No.2 himself. Well there was a question over his health, a question raised in The Tally Ho - "Is No.2 fit for further term?" And at the same time he was under pressure to get a result, and promised No.1 that a result would be achieved in three days! Such was No.2’s over confidence in himself and the doctors new drug, and his underestimation of No.6.
    Free For All is a different kettle of fish, to borrow one of No.2’s sayings. Because No.6 is given the opportunity to stand for election. No.6, who in No.2’s opinion, is just the sort of candidate they need. And indeed No.6 is voted in as the new No.2, but as we find out, there is no democracy in the village. Not even when No.6 has gained the lofty position of the No.2, because even he tries to enforce his will on the people. He may be in command, he might immobilise all electronic controls. He tells them to obey him and be free, that they, the people, are free, free to go, free to go. But the people seem not to want to go, for as the new No.2’s voice booms out across the village through the public address system, not one single citizen takes the least bit of notice! And the new No.2 is quickly deposed by the new, new No.2, and receives a beating for his trouble!
    A defeat for No.6, and all will be won in the end by the administration of the Village, if not by No.2 herself. They know No.6 only too well, that he would not be able to turn down the opportunity to "run for electoral office," and that as soon as he was elected he would try to organise a mass breakout! There was no-way No.6 could achieve that which he set out to do, and should have known that one man alone could not bring down the system from within!

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