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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Thought For The Day

   We are all familiar with the scene which follows No.86's denouncement of No.2 as being
unmutual in ‘A Change of Mind.’ In the way No.2 rushes off the balcony, and runs through the streets of the Village, and up the steps of the Green Dome. Yet originally the script described the scene immediately after No.86's denouncement of No.2 being unmutual as;
    "No.2, his peasant face flushed with anger, turns and after a further glare at the smiling p {prisoner}, rushes past from the balcony.
Number 2 approaches Number 86. No.2 is dragging to the very edge of the square. It is still too public for him to be really rough with her. But he nevertheless strikes her across the face with barely controlled anger.
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