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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

No.1 Caught On Camera!

    The photograph was taken from routine surveillance film footage. You can see the Prisoner dressed in his own suit of clothes. The white membranic mass of the village guardian is on station behind, as are three members of the surveillance crew, although the surveillance is hardly being carried out by stealth! But who would have thought that, No.1 who can be seen on the right wearing the white cowled robe, would have put in so early an appearance in the episode of Arrival?
  Alright, it isn't exactly a cowled robe, more of a rain coat with a hood. But if it isn't No.1, who else could it be? Curtis perhaps, studying his subject who he is to later impersonate? Whoever he is, he's wearing the same boots and trousers as the Prisoner, so it could be the Prisoner, but then he's standing over there. So it must be the Prisoner's double...... No.1, or that of Frank Maher, stuntman and stunt double for Patrick McGoohan. But then I have to ask, having known Frank Maher, would he be seen wearing such an item of clothing? No, I say, he wouldn't. But Frank was the only stunt double for Patrick McGoohan at Portmeirion. So could that white robed figure actually be the spectre of No.1? Another thought…………… Frank Maher is No.1!


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