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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

No.6 Returned To The Fold

    It was not everyone who was on hand to see the happy return of No.6 to the Village. He kind of dropped in on us quite unexpectedly you might say. I did try and get a few words with him as he walked back across the beach towards the village, but he wasn't in a very sociable state of mind at the time. Possibly having found himself returned to us so soon and so easily!
   Clad in flying suit and stout boots, walked up the hill back into the Village, along streets and cobbled path until he reached his home of 6 private. Moments after entering his home, both services of electric and water were restored. The door suddenly opened and Mrs. Butterworth, wearing a blue and white diamond dress with a black No.2 badge pinned upon it, was on hand to welcome No.6 upon his happy return, and bearing a birthday cake with 6 lit candles upon it.
    When all is said and done, I think No.6 took it all very well really, his forced return to the Village. No theatrics, no display of aggression towards Mrs. Butterworth, whom he had previously met ensconced in his London home, and driving his car to boot!
    Mrs. Butterworth, or a should say No.2, told me in an interview "Why should No.6 be angry? It's all part of the game and he knows it. This time we win. Perhaps tomorrow he might gain the advantage." I asked No.2 what she and the Villages administration had achieved from this, and had this to say. "It was a demonstration of how we can control No.6. That wherever he goes he can never be free of the Village. And for him to escape is far more difficult than it is for us to return him to the fold. No.6 has been taught a lesson, I trust he will learn from it."
    Outside with the Brass Band playing outside, and the sun shining, I could think of no better place to be. But then I am one of the lucky ones, brought here after I resigned from "The Daily Mirror" newspaper as a reporter, a disagreement with the editor and a story I refused to write. It is no surprise then, that they found a use for me.... here and that I resisted for so short a time.

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