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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Quote For The Day

    The maid Number 54 sugggests that she and Number 6 will get along, this after Number 6 tells her that the maids come and they go. However he is sure thet she gets along with everybody! And becasue of this remark Number 54 tells Number 6 that she has a good mind to report him. To which Number 6 responds "I'm new here!"
   That "I'm new here" is suggestive that Number 6 uses it as a reason so to be able to get away with something. But it also suggestes that Number 6 has only recently arrived in the Village. But surely that connot be, because the Prisoner has already been in the Village for at least six months, and during that time Number 6 would be well established in the Village. That being the case, how can the Prisoner claim to be new in the Village? Well put quite simply he cannot, unless.................In the library production list the episode 'Dance of the Dead' is placed much higher than eighth in the screening order, the third episode in fact! That way the prisoner would still be quite new to the Village!

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