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Monday 14 November 2016

Citizen No.8

    Well that didn’t go so well did it Number 8? Your process might well have always worked before, but the subject matter in this case is of a somewhat different calibre. That and the fact that you, Number 2, and Number 22 all became involved, couldn’t control the situation, and did what you would do in a real situation. Is that it? Well that doesn’t say very much for you, you turned out to be a psychotic killer! No I’m not talking about being a gunslinger, it’s the strangling of Cathy with your bare hands! Such was your fixation about her, the jealousy you felt if anyone showed any friendliness towards her. But what was she, a saloon girl, and you a two-bit gunslinger! That bit wasn’t real, but it was more than just a game, virtual reality you might say. It should have ended with you being gunned down in the street, lying there in the dirt. But no, it’s quite obvious that your fixation for Cathy stemmed from your fixation with Number 22. What was it, you made a pass at 22 and she knocked you back? And in the end you strangled Number 22 with your bare hands, just as you had Cathy, and in the Silver Dollar Saloon. What’s that, life imitating art?! And then you took what is termed the easy way out, just because the Judge slapped you. Finally you were the only male Number 8, all the others were female, I trust there’s nothing significant in that!

Be seeing you

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