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Friday 4 November 2016

Just Passing By!

    Just happened to be passing by were you when you saw your fiancés car parked outside his house? Just as well you were not just passing by on Saturday March the 18th, you might have seen something worth seeing! Like your fiancé walking along Buckingham Place, all dishevelled, almost threadbare like some vagrant, a raggedy man. More than that you would see him approach his house, knock on the door to be met on the doorstep by a housemaid. Did your fiancé have a housemaid, or housekeeper? No, of course he didn’t, what he did have was a Lotus 7, but that’s now driven by a woman. That’s something else you would have seen had you just happened to be passing by on that particular day. As it is, you have a man, a stranger living in your fiancés house, and of the man you love there is no sign. He’s been away from you a year now, you don’t know where he went. You probably don’t even know that he resigned his job. I bet your father didn’t tell you that. What are the odds your fiancé didn’t tell you he was going to resign and then disappear, but one thing is for sure he wasn’t taking you with him! You asked this man who opened the door to you if he’s here, meaning your fiancé, to which the man replied “Yes.” Well in a way the man is right. You had best prepare yourself for a shock! It must have been a shock, to discover your fiancé in so much trouble, his mind wrongly housed in another man’s body. Now that’s something hard to take in and that’s a fact. And then what, after he attended your birthday party, and having retrieved the receipt from you, there he was gone from your life again. To lose a fiancé once is unfortunate, to lose him twice is rank carelessness! I wonder, after your fiancé gave you that message that only he could give you, did he........did he sit you down and tell you of what had befallen him? About where he had been, of The Village and everything that happened to him there, and who he suspected was behind his abduction a year ago? Because any woman would be desirous of an explanation, unless working for your father as he did.....ah but he didn’t, did he tell you of his resignation? But no, if I have this right, your fiancé was brought back to London on the day he was due to hand in his letter of resignation, all unpleasant memories of the past 12 months erased from his mind. So because of the sudden turn of events which had overtaken him, he never got around to resigning his job. So at this point he does still work for your father. I’m sure that he will be delighted to see his future son-in-law, or is it the Colonel returned?

Be seeing you

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