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Thursday 10 November 2016

How Did He Get Away With That?

   This is Number 243, he works in bomb disposal. Why The Village feels it needs a bomb disposal team I don’t know. But I suppose its best to be prepared for every eventuality. But what this 243 does the rest of the time in anyone guess. Perhaps he sits about waiting for any emergency such as the one alerted by Number 2, in supposing Number 6 had left a bomb inside a Cuckoo clock at the front door of the Green Dome.
    Anyway, two men of bomb disposal were despatched to recover the suspect item, and Number 243 here was charged with the task of dismantling the said Cuckoo clock, only to find it was just that, and not a bomb at all. Then Number 2 arrived on the scene just as Number 243 had completed the task. He looked at Number 2, tilting the wooden Cuckoo at Number 2, as though to say its Number 2 who’s the Cuckoo! Number 2 looked annoyed but didn’t say anything to the bomb disposal man, and simply stormed off. How did Number 243 get away with insulting Number 2 like that? No-one else who tried standing up to Number 2 before had got away with it. What made Number 243 so special?

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