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Sunday 20 November 2016

Quote For The Day

    “Don’t tell me that time travel is in it as well!”
                                            {Number 6 – Dance of The Dead}
    I know it was meant sarcastically when he saw the maid Number 54 wearing a late 18th century dress. Don’t tell me that time was in it as well? Even if it was it would be no good to Number 6, time travel would only put Number 6 in The Village at another time, unless of course he was able to go back in time before The Village’s existence. That would put him in a wooded wilderness! With time travel one never moves anywhere, but simply occupies the same space but in a different time. And if Number 6 were able to travel forward in time, say to a point after the evacuation in ‘Fall Out,’ that might make Number 6 the only inhabitant in The Village. But at least he would be able to escape like he did in ‘Many Happy Returns,’ if he could face that ordeal a second time! And yet to go too far forward in time Number 6 might end up living in an abandoned overgrown, derelict Village!

  And yet as it is, if time travel, at least by the clock, wasn’t in it he wouldn’t have reached ‘Fall out’ and subsequently escaped back to London!

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